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As I live and breathe design and architecture, I'd like to move away from it just for a mere moment to post about another passion of mine that is not only an inspiration to my work, but, believe it or not, the ONLY activity that clears all the clutter out of my mind and forces me to focus on only ONE thing...very far away from my Monday-Friday. My therapy that is so much better than retail therapy -  Horses...riding, communicating with them, learning about them (even-though I've been riding for 10 yrs +).....just standing next to them, watching them watch me with the largest eye!! And though they have been our right and left hands, heads and legs for over 6,000 years, today we find them in peril and horse lovers in a fight for their very existence.  Yes you read correctly, wild horse are being rounded up and slaughtered, Tennessee Walking Horses are suffering the terrible process of "Soring" and OUR American domestic horses are being bought at auction to be sent over our boarders to foreign slaughter houses for nothing more than greed. All of it is just a grave injustice to such a powerful and valuable animal. I and a million other horse lovers are fighting congress and our government to abolish Soring, slaughter and wild round ups. There are farms that survive on donations to rescue horses from death and cruelty and that continue to fight our government; they are the last hope for slaughter bound horses. I have joined the fight by signing ballots, offering money to rescue farms and I have written the below letter to our government to try to raise awareness for officials that need to turn their attention to this highly significant matter! I would like to share it with anyone who wishes to read.

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Personal Comment – United States Congress

June 2018

Horses should not be synonymous with slaughter.  As per human and horse history, humans NEVER classified horses as meat, NEVER.  Horse slaughter is another modern greed driven act by man which should be viewed as animal abuse and should not require a “Ballot” to “law makers” in 2018 to convince of its cruelty, barbarism and violation of simple nature.  Horses, over a 6,000 year history have only been and should only remain in 4 categories; wild, working, pleasure and athletes.  Humans have used these amazing and noble animals for their very survival though out history and every country or land on our planet has cultivated the power of the horse.  When did it become acceptable to kill and eat them? Anyone who has been close to horses cannot deny the magnitude of their positive effect on us.  They STILL are an intricate part of our economy, way of life and society – they are one of the only animals who can be so close to how humans survive in daily life due to their anatomy, physiology and sociability.  This is a form of nature that is of value to be cherished and maintained, how can we be fighting for their basic survival from a heinous death after centuries of loyalty, benefit and nature? Dogs and cats are protected by law against abuse and they have not given as much as a single horse to a police officer, a farmer, a rancher, a little girl or an Olympic contender.  A dog or cat is put down painlessly and ethically; they are not, in plain English, shot in the head and bled while still alive by an evil and soulless man for nothing more than monetary gain. 

I implore whomever is to read this to gain this prospective and visit a horse farm or a mounted police stable; actually, touch and look at a horse as you would hold a puppy that is homeless.  As a human, the emotion and experience will be the exact same.  Listen to the passion and emotion of the person that cares for horses as they tell you anything about their horses; how they look at them or pet them and how closely they stand next to their 15 hand, 1,000 lb. companion as the horse’s large eye never leaves its friend.  If visiting a horse farm is not available, use the internet to do a quick search on “horses through history” or “police horses” look at the hundreds of photos posted by people who value and benefit daily from their horse.  Read 5-7 lines of the history of horse domestication and their continuing connection written by humans because it is important enough to run parallel with HUMAN history.  After one or both of these simple tasks, please search your conscious as to how you can condone or turn your face to these animals being slaughtered for nothing more than greed and money. The fact that many horses are transported out of the United States to other countries where slaughter is legal and NOT regulated is nothing short of these meat men laughing at our laws and rebelling like a petulant teenager sneaking out of their bedroom window at night, saying, “OK if we can’t do our deed here in the U.S., we’ll just go around you”.  Is the U.S. a joke, so easy to disregard due to our indifference? To me, this in itself is a crime and considered a bold violation of American boarder control.

Regardless of a horse’s stature, size and speed, they are in fact defenseless prey animals. The script of nature called on their ocular sense and placement and the herd to protect them from predatory animals and if taken down, it was natures way.  Once domesticated, their nature was re-directed and honed to human needs but the horse remained defenseless.  Humans have taken grand steps to protect their horses and act as their “nature” simply because we understood.  After what we have accomplished and established with our horses for 6,000 years, why do we find ourselves petitioning government in an unholy and what should be an irrelevant battle with criminals that are strictly greed driven and depriving our economy and society of what horse have been proven to offer?

All horses should remain and be able to thrive in the above listed 4 categories and I will personally guarantee:

·        No human will starve because they did not get their serving of horse meat!

·        No farm, ranch or stable will complain that there is one, two or three more horses to work or train because all the meat men are in prison and there are just no slaughter houses!

·        No rancher or farmer will attend an auction to find good working horses and look to their left, outbid by a meat man knowing that a healthy horse would have had a happy working life will be slaughtered and know he can do nothing about it; watching them corralled into cramped trailers headed for the border thousands of miles away; a 1,000 lb. animal utterly defenseless.     

 It is hard for me to say in 2018 that we are fighting for the survival of the one animal that is synonymous with human evolution, but OK, we will fight, write, petition, whatever it takes.  But a “fight” is a two-person act and this is not a frivolous one.  For a “fight” to be significant, both acts need to have a basic understanding of the subject.  I know the people against slaughter and meat men fully understand the barbarism and negative impact of allowing this to continue, but does our government? This is not a significant matter to members of government until they turn their face forward to the subject and spend 3 minutes listening, learning, seeing and maintain a basic respect for the “fight” itself which in major part is respect for the horse. 

As my two Boxers are fully protected under animal abuse laws; where I could face criminal charges if I would ever neglect or God Forbid abuse my girls, the parallel as to WHY we have these laws casts an umbrella that 100% should protect American horses! Why doesn’t it and explain to me what the difference is?

We are fighting, we understand, we are full force committed - are you?  

cierno designs, llc - lisa O'Dierno, Founder