new Things, better thoughts……


anything but glass……………..

These days any new or renovated residential or commercial building is cladded in shinny new glass that reflects, well, everything. While a glass curtain facade is sexy, beautiful and functional, it is not the only material that a building facade could or should be. Soon the tides will be changing and something new in the works. Not only is CD working on exploring anything but glass….but we are exploring how the facade comes together from designing it from the interior out. Each interior room that contributes to the facade will have its own “facade” that consists of glass, wood and brick. Each room organizes its materials to maximize sun exposure, light movement throughout the day and views; thus creating a collage of materials and window organization and placement that ultimately defines what the overall facade will look like. The interior organization of rooms will never be the same in two buildings - exploring this approach allows for unlimited versatility, function and beauty. We are still working…….

Stable Elevations.jpg

 the modern stable……………..

This exploration is special in that its main inhabitant is not a human being!! We are designing for a 1200 lb animal that cannot, in so many words, tell us what they want or more importantly, need. We are relaying on the century’s of knowledge that humans have gained from the horse to not only provide the basics, but re-define one of the oldest forms of architecture to give the “basics” a major upgrade! This Modern Stable focuses on maintaining a horses health, strengthening the bond and trust between horse and rider while creating an experience for the rider that not only includes riding, but grooming, tacking, feeding and spending as much time off the horse as on. Through the design of the stable, we are intent of giving a rider the full equestrian understanding and experience, even the not so pleasant of the day to day of horse care.

Stable Plan.jpg