preservation of the old is the only path to the new

Historic Preservation "Is the endeavor to preserve buildings, objects and landscapes that hold historic merit and contribute to the significance of a place, culture or architectural movement.”

As there are many forms and/or branches of preservation, Cierno Designs specializes in design and research of historic buildings

Our studio develops responsible design solutions that explore how old buildings and new architecture merge; to modernize, re-use/restore or conserve. We formulate one complete structure that successfully preserves the historic merit and introduces new building technology/ideas. Cierno’s designers will understand the structure as a whole, not parts.

Each project encompasses all systems that make a building functional; HVAC infrastructure, environmental control/upgrade, building envelope materials, interior fit out materials, and interior and exterior planning strategies. In our exploration, we are continually discovering more and more about historic methods which make our modern solutions creative and multifaceted.

  • Research – Documentation
  • Design
  • Historic research
  • Current status
  • Dating of historic structures
  • Style clarification
  • Documentation
  • Reporting
  • Landmarks Commissioning preparation
  • Site surveying
  • Building photography
  • NYC agency communication (Landmarks Preservation Commission,etc.)
  • Local/city/state incentive detailing

cierno designs preservation services, nyc